Saturday, January 12, 2013

SuperCPPS: Current Staff


Admins: Oreoking, Coolman123, and TheRealNormal

Moderators: Skyupi, Heidi77302, Dman10297, Bob B 123, and  iWaddlez (Icy Jax).

Coders: (2 Spots Available) 

Mediators: Yelley2061, and Vericold.

Friday, January 11, 2013

SuperCPPS Official Chat

Hello everyone. This Is MagicMatthew: The Second Admin of SuperCPPS. This is the Official SuperCPPS Chat. This link will guide you to it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hey there everyone. Now, we know it's been a long time since you've heard from any SuperCPPS Staff on Twitter and even the blog. Well, the reason is my computer was broken for a few weeks, but it's back again, however, I lost a lot of stuff with it being fixed, so it will be a while until SuperCPPS is up. We are in search of a new admin that is willing to download a few things to get SuperCPPS up and can code. (Commands, items, etc.)

Furthermore, we apologize for the delay.

Thank you, and follow us on Twitter.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Staff Member

Hi, penguins. I'm a new staff member, named iWaddlez (I'm also Icy Jax) and I will be moderating the island. Make sure not to break the rules. Waddle On!


SuperCPPS Rules

The following picture shows the rules for SuperCPPS. If a player is caught doing any of these actions, their account will be banned, and or kicked. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Current Staff


Admins: Oreoking and Coolman123

Moderators: Skyupi9, Heidi77302, Dman10297,  Bob B 123, iWaddlez (Icy Jax), and Manaa66.

Coders: TheRealNormal.

Mediators: Yelley2061, FreezyCP, and Vericold.

New Navigation Bar!!!

Today, I have beautified the navigation bar! It now looks clean crisp and a touch of softness, than the old buttons that look pretty unfocused and shabby! Once the register and play go up, the buttons will direct you to it! -Skyupi9 Blog Designer

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hi,Its Me TheRealNorm,Normal For Short. Im Here To Welcome You The The SuperCPPS Blog.This Will Be A Great Cpps And A Awesome Blog.I Will Hopefully Post Lots Of UpDates.:) Stay Tuned

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Okay guys, I have these custom hoodies, They're glow in the dark hoodies. Here is one :) (They Dnt really glow in the dark though D:)
Thanks and Waddle on. Follow me for new updates! :D

Friday, December 7, 2012

Become a Moderator

When SuperCPPS comes out, we're gonna need a few people to watch over the server while we fix bugs. So, it could be your lucky day! To become a moderator, you need the following qualifications:

  • Perfect Grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc.
  • You must have played another CPPS before
  • You must know the rules
  • You must know when a ban is applicable
  • You must know all the commands (They will be posted onto the blog)
  • And Lastly, you must have a Twitter
Does that seem easy enough? I hope so! Leave a comment below with your qualifications, or talk to me on Twitter, @iOreoking

Until then, waddle on everyone!


Here is a sneak peak of some of the Custom Rooms :)
And here's one more custom Room. :)
Now I made some custom Items (Meh...) And I'm bored. So I'll show you them! :D

Thats all for now, because this is just a sneak peek. Until then. Follow Oreoking or me for new updates! :D
Hey Guys! This is me, Coolman123! I'm an Admin on this. :) Now, we're working on SuperCPPS So while we're working on it, follow us for new tweets! Me or Oreoking, whichever is good for you. I will also put some sneak peaks of the custom rooms ;) Bye and stay tuned!

Welcome to SuperCPPS!

Hey there, welcome the Super CPPS! I'm Oreoking, one of the admins on the site. We can ensure you that SuperCPPS will be a fun and safe enviornment for you. We are still looking for some moderators on the site!

Here is our current staff:

Oreoking: Admin
Coolman123: Admin
Courage: Possible Admin/Mod
Manaa6: Moderator
Skyupi9: Pending to become a moderator.

Do you think you have what it takes? Follow me on Twitter, @iOreoking for more questions/info.

Until SuperCPPS is out, enjoy the wait!